Battery remaining (Python)

Show battery charge percentage and time remaining

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#!/usr/bin/env PYTHONIOENCODING=UTF-8 /usr/local/bin/python3
# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
# <xbar.title>Battery remaining (Python)</xbar.title>
# <xbar.version>v1.0.0</xbar.version>
# <>Eric Ripa</>
# <>eripa</>
# <xbar.desc>Show battery charge percentage and time remaining</xbar.desc>
# <xbar.image></xbar.image>
# <xbar.dependencies>python</xbar.dependencies>

from __future__ import print_function
import re
import sys
import subprocess

def parse_pmset():
    output = subprocess.check_output(["/usr/bin/pmset", "-g", "batt"])
    output = output.decode("utf-8").split('\n')
    regex = re.compile(r'^.*\s(?P<charge>\d+%);\s((?P<status>discharging|'
                       r'charging|finishing charge|charged);\s(?P<remain>\(no estimate\)|\d+:\d+) '
                       r'(remaining )?present|AC attached; not charging present): true$')

    battery = {
        "charge": "unknown",
        "status": "unknown",
        "remaining": "unknown",

    battery_match = regex.match(output[1])
    if not battery_match:
        return battery

    battery["charge"] ="charge")
    battery["status"] ="status")
    battery["remaining"] ="remain")
    if battery["remaining"] == "(no estimate)":
        battery["remaining"] = "calculating.."
    if battery["remaining"] == "0:00" and battery["status"] == "charged":
        battery["remaining"] = "∞"
    return battery

def main():
    battery = parse_pmset()
    refresh_interval = sys.argv[0].split('.')[1]
    print("{}| size=12".format(battery["charge"]))
    print("Status: {}".format(battery["status"]))
    print("Remaining: {}".format(battery["remaining"]))
    print("Refresh (current interval: {}) | refresh=true".format(refresh_interval))

if __name__ == '__main__':