TravisCI Check

This plugin displays the build status of repositories listed on TravisCI.

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#!/usr/bin/env python
# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-

# <xbar.title>TravisCI Check</xbar.title>
# <xbar.version>v1.3</xbar.version>
# <>Chris Tomkins-Tinch</>
# <>tomkinsc</>
# <xbar.desc>This plugin displays the build status of repositories listed on TravisCI.</xbar.desc>
# <xbar.image></xbar.image>
# <xbar.dependencies>python</xbar.dependencies>

# Chris Tomkins-Tinch

# Keith Cirkel

# version history
# 1.0
#   initial commit
# 1.1
#   refactor by @keithamus to remove travispy dependency
# 1.2
#   additions by @seripap, adding an 'in progress' view, fixed missing status levels, added global TLD config
# 1.3
#   additions by @seripap, Fixed canceled builds

# Dependencies:
#   travis API key

import json
import urllib2

# You need to set your TRAVIS_KEY to an API key for travis.
# -- Please note that this IS NOT the 'Token' listed on the Travis CI website
# -- Again, this is NOT the token on
# The easiest way to get this key is to use the official travis client
# (`gem install travis`), and run `travis_token`.
TRAVIS_KEY = 'YOUR TRAVIS TOKEN (Run `travis token` to retreive it)'

# If you don't want to check all repos, then specify the ones you do wish to
# check here, and this plugin will only get the details of these repos.
# If you do not specify the `repos_to_check` option - it will fetch all repos
# available in your account.
# If you do not include the 'branches' key, then only the master branch
# will be checked.
# repos_to_check = [
#     {'name':'account/repo-name', 'branches':['master', 'some-feature']},
# ]

# If you set INCLUDE_PULL_REQUESTS to `True`, then this script will get the
# status of both pull requests and commits. By default, it only gets the status
# of commits (pushes).

# Instead of listing the repos you want to check in an array above, you can
# use a hidden feature of Travis v3 - stars. Repositories can be starred,
# and if SECRET_FILTER_BY_STAR is set to `True` then this script will only
# show the starred repositories.
# How do you star a repository? As of writing Travis has no UI for it (check
# their roadmap ( to see when it might be
# implemented). The only way to star a repository right now, is to curl the
# v3 api, like so:
# curl -X POST -H "Accept: application/vnd.travis-ci.3+json" -H "Authorization: token YOUR_TOKEN"
# (Pay particular attention to the headers, and replace
# ACCOUNT, REPO and YOUR_TOKEN as necessary)

# For enterprise travis, change the .org/ to .com/
TRAVIS_TLD = '.org/'

TRAVIS_URL = 'https://api.travis-ci' + TRAVIS_TLD

# ======================================

    'passed': u'✔︎',
    'created': u'⛬',
    'starting': u'⛬',
    'started': u'⛬',
    'failed': u'✘',
    'queued': u'⚠',
    'errored': u'⚠',
    'canceled': u' ⃠',
    'passed': 'green',
    'created': 'yellow',
    'starting': 'yellow',
    'started': 'yellow',
    'failed': 'red',
    'queued': 'yellow',
    'errored': 'yellow',
    'canceled': 'gray',
NO_SYMBOL = u'❂'

def request(uri):
    request = urllib2.Request(TRAVIS_URL + uri, headers={
        'Authorization': 'token ' + TRAVIS_KEY,
        'Accept': 'application/vnd.travis-ci.3+json'
        response = urllib2.urlopen(request)
        return json.load(response)

        print("travis-check error")
        print("Maybe you need to edit the plugin and set your access token?")
        print(" (could also be an API/HTTP error)")

def get_all_repos_for_account():
    url = 'repos?'
        url += '&starred=true'
    repos = request(url)
    all_repos = []
    for repo in repos['repositories']:
        if repo and 'slug' in repo:
            all_repos.append({'name': repo['slug']})

    return all_repos

def update_statuses(repos):
    output = []
    fail_count = 0
    currently_building = 0
    canceled = 0

    output.append(u'{} | color=green'.format(SYMBOLS['passed']))

    for repo in repos:
        if 'branches' in repo and len(repo['branches']):
            branch_list = repo['branches']
            branch_list = ['master']

        for branch_name in branch_list:
            url = 'repo/' + urllib2.quote(repo['name'], safe='') + '/builds?limit=1&' + branch_name
            if not INCLUDE_PULL_REQUESTS:
                url += '&event_type=push'
            build = request(url)
            if 'builds' in build and len(build['builds']):
                build = build['builds'][0]
                color = 'color={}'.format(COLORS[build['state']]) if COLORS.get(build['state']) else ''
                symbol = SYMBOLS[build['state']] or NO_SYMBOL
                href = 'href=https://travis-ci' + TRAVIS_TLD + '{}/builds/{}'.format(repo['name'], build['id'])
                output_msg = u'{symbol} {repo_name} ({branch_name}) {status}'.format(symbol=symbol, repo_name=repo['name'], branch_name=branch_name, status=build['state'])
                output.append(u'{} | {} {}'.format(output_msg, href, color))

                if build['state'] == "started" or build['state'] == "starting" or build['state'] == "queued" or build['state'] == "created":
                    currently_building += 1
                elif build['state'] == "failed":
                    fail_count += 1
                elif build['state'] == "canceled":
                    canceled += 1

    if fail_count > 0:
        output[0] = u'{}{} | color=red'.format(SYMBOLS['failed'], fail_count)

    if currently_building > 0:
        output[0] = u'{}{} | color=yellow'.format(SYMBOLS['started'], currently_building)        

    if canceled > 0:
        output[0] = u'{}{} | color=gray'.format(SYMBOLS['canceled'], canceled)

    for line in output:
        print line.encode('utf-8')

if __name__ == '__main__':
    except NameError:
        repos_to_check = get_all_repos_for_account()