PID Killer

Display and kill running processes


Example of how to include multiple levels of menu items in v1.8 and later.

Colima Status

Displays Colima Status - https://github.com/abiosoft/colima

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Acquia AzureDevOps Buildkite Codeship Docker Git GitHub Gitlab Homebrew Hosting DigitalOcean Heroku Linode Jenkins Jira Kubernetes Nagios PID Pastebin Shell Tutorial Vagrant Wakatime

Azure DevOps latest pipeline build status

Azure DevOps latest pipeline build status.


Nagios status summary with VPN detection. Based on earlier plugin by Rob DeSanno

Run fastlane

—Run fastlane from menu bar run-fastlane.rb


Currently this plugin displays Heroku service status and open issues

Heroku List List

—Lists Heroku apps with links to both the live version and, while holding ALT/OPTION, the Heroku dashboard page). listapps.5m.sh

Heroku apps:errors

This plugin displays Heroku errors for a given app. You must be logged in via heroku-cli.

GitHub Notifications

GitHub (and GitHub:Enterprise) notifications in your menu bar!

GitHub PRNotii

Check Github Pull Reuqest

GitHub Relase buddy

This plugin displays the latest Release in GitHub repositories.

GitHub Review Requests TS

Shows a list of PRs that need to be reviewed (heavily inspired by Adam Bogdał's Python implementation)

GitHub Watch

Show GitHub stars ⭐️ for a list of repos

GitHub status

Shows the current status of www.githubstatus.com. Find out if Github is having DDOS problems which will affect pushes/pulls.

Github CI Status

—Displays Github Pull Request CI Check statuses github-ci.1m.php

Github PR buddy

This plugin displays relevant Pull Requests in Github repositories.

Github Pull requests

—Get list of pull requests from Github for multiple repositories pull-requests.5m.js

Github Repository Issues

—Lists all pull requests and issues, up to 100 total. repo-issues.5m.js

Github Trending

Github Daily Trending Viewer

Github review requests

Shows a list of PRs that need to be reviewed

Merge Freeze

Manage GitHub repository branch freezes from the Mac menu bar.

Trending Swift on GitHub

List Swift repositories tending on GitHub in a given period.

GitLab Status

This plugin displays your last GitLab CI pipeline status

GitLab Glance

Show review and authored MRs as well as assigned issues for current user for upcoming milestone.

GitLab Projects

List of your last active GitLab projects. Now supports API v4

Gitlab CI

Shows currently running pipelines from your GitLab in your bar. Interested in more advanced GitLab bar integration? Let me know ([email protected]). This implementation is just quick solution.

Gitlab status plugin

Shows the current status of status.gitlab.com. Find out if Gitlab is having DDOS problems which will affect pushes/pulls.


Wakatime plugin for Bitbar, check your coding activity from your bar.


Latest build status for all projects in Codeship


—List recent builds. codeship.1m.js

Codeship Single Project

Latest build status for individual Codeship project

Daily Standup

Displays a list of all your git commits in the last 24 hours. Indicates days you have been chilling without committing any code.

Dev Status

Recursive status of any discovered .git repos in the provided directory.

Finder Git Info

Displays the active git branch of the focused finder Window in the menu bar. When open, lists all finder windows with active git projects.

PR Counts for Github and Bitbucket

Gets Pull Request Counts for Github and Bitbucket Repos

PID Killer

Display and kill running processes


Vagrant status checker.

Vagrant Global Status

Show vagrant images running, from vagrant global-status command

Acquia Cloud Applications

—List Acquia Cloud Applications. 001-acquia-list-apps.1h.php

Acquia Cloud IDEs

—List Acquia Cloud IDEs. 001-acquia-list-ides.1h.php

Jira issues

Show your jira issues


display all tasks that are assigned to you. There are currently two sorting options. Either by type (e.g. Task, Story, Block) or by status (in progress, resolved, ...).

Kubeconfig Context Changer

—Displays active kubeconfig context and allows you to easily change contexts. kubecontext.1s.py

Kubeconfig Namespace & Context Switcher

Displays active kubeconfig namespace and context, also allows you to switch namespace or context.

List some running Kubernetes things

Simple plugin that shows running Kubernetes pods, services, deployments, ...

Buildkite Recent Builds

List all recent builds you can see in Buildkite.


View status of DigitalOcean Droplets

Linode Status

—Uses linode-cli to check the status of your Linodes. Linode.5m.php

Check Pastebin

Uses a set of Pastebin API keys to check for pastes created by the user. It will provide links to all the pastes it finds by the user.

Brew Services

List and manage Homebrew Services

Brew Updates

List and manage outdated Homebrew formulas and casks

Docker Status

Displays the status of docker machines and running containers

Docker disk usage

—Shows docker disk usage (via docker system df). docker-disk.1m.sh

Docker stats

Shows stats about currently running Docker containers

Docker-Sync Status

Display the current status of docker-sync.


—Print number of running Docker containers with whale unicode char numContainers.5s.sh

Appcenter Status

—Get status for all your Appcenter apps appcenter-status.1m.rb


This plugin will generate the TOTP tokens and allows to copy them to clipboard

Average Review Times

Average App Store Review Times

Backlog Show My Task

Show Backlog open ticket for mine

Bamboo Build Status

Displays Bamboo build status

Bitbucket Pull Requests

Shows Bitbucket open pull request information

Bitbucket Server (Stash) Pull Requests

Displays a list of open pull requests in for all repositories in a specified project on Bitbucket Server (aka Stash) in which the user is a participant. Results are sorted by last update (ascending), and are prefixed with a character to indicate participation type: A for author, R for reviewer, and nothing for other (e.g. added a comment). Each entry is clickable and will take you to the pull request page.

Buildbot 9 Status

—Displays most recent build status on configurable list of builders. buildbot9_status.py

Checkman Simulator

This plugin reuses Checkman's configurations and plugins, so you don't need to install it :) It has checks for: HTTP, GoCD, Concourse, Jenkins, Travis, Semaphore, Codeship, CircleCI, Airbrake, GitHub, Pivotal Tracker, TDDium and SnapCI, and you can even create your own plugins to leverage Checkman's streamlined UI and configuration files. More info: https://gist.github.com/deluan/3f6fa6bcff2a355ae89181bb15590b88#file-readme-md

CircleCI Check

This plugin displays the build status of repositories listed on CircleCI.

Cloudflare Development Mode

Enable or Disable Development Mode from BitBar. Plugin will need to be edited to include your API key and email to work.


Show your Clubhouse.io work and allow to quickly open tickets, associated branches and pull requests


Controls the Colima container runtime

Colima Status

Displays Colima Status - https://github.com/abiosoft/colima

Emacs Package Updates

List available updates from Emacs package

Gerrit Incoming Code Reviews

—Displays your incoming code reviews. gerrit_incoming_crs.5m.py

GoSquared Visitors Online Now Count

The total of all the sites you list is displayed. Drop-down menu shows individual visitor count for each site. Clicking on a menu option opens the relevant GoSquared stats page for that site in your browser.

Gulp Launcher

Quickly launch gulp processes on projects. Useful for agency developers with a lot of projects. Editing of file required to list your projects.


Display local and external IP and allow copying it. This plugin will connect to icanhazip.com to determine external IP address.

Icinga2 Status

Displays the amount of Service with state OK, WARNING, CRITICAL and UNKNOWN


This plugin makes it wasy to manage tmux from the menu bar.

Machine Box

Easily start and stop Machine Box boxes.

Meta Package Manager

List outdated packages and manage upgrades.


Show the status of the merge requests

PHPstorm debugger status

—Shows the current status of phpstorm debugger PhpStormXdebugStatus.3s.sh

Pantheon - List Sites

List and manage all of your sites you are on in Pantheon.

Podman Manager

Manage podman using your menu bar

RabbitMQ Status

Keep an eye on your RabbitMQ server status from your menu bar !

Redmine Show My Task

Show Redmine open ticket for mine


—Show your RescueTime productivity pulse in the status bar rescuetime.1h.py

SSH Menu

—Provides a simple menu of ssh hosts when clicked on opens a new ssh session in terminal SshMenu.sh

Semaphore CI

List your project and their statuses, from semaphoreci.com


Shows your most recent error reports from Sentry (https://getsentry.com)

Service Monitor

Ping the services and create a dropdown report. It sends a notification when a service fails and can show the error from the server in an editor.

TravisCI Check

This plugin displays the build status of repositories listed on TravisCI.

UptimeKuma Monitor

Show UptimeKuma status

UptimeRobot Monitor

—Show UptimeRobot status utimerobot.30s.py

VSO Pullrequests

Lists open pull requests from VSO

Vigil Website Monitoring

Displays the status of hosts being monitered by Vigil.

Xcode Version

—Shows the Xcode version that is currently selected with xcode-select. xcode-version.1h.sh


Monitors CPU and Memory usage for a certain process


Tails a text file. Perfect for tailing logs in the menu bar.

Jenkins Agent Status

Monitor status of jenkins agents

Jenkins All Build Status

Show current status of *all* jobs on a Jenkins instance, colors indicating status of each build and overall status. Clicks navigate to console output of last build.

Jenkins Build Status

Shows the latest builds of a Jenkins project. Result, Build ID, Timestamp, Duration.

Multiple Jenkins Status

—Check status of multiple Jenkins projects jenkins-multiple-projects-status.1m.sh

Alternate Options Tutorial

Example of how to include alternate items that replace the one before it when the Option key is pressed.

Cycle text and detail text

Example of how to include items that cycle in the top, and items that only appear in the dropdown.

Home Config

—Example of how to mimic the functionality of the home-config npm module in a bash BitBar plugin config.sh

Is BitBar?

Example script showing use of $BITBAR environment variable

Is Dark Mode?

Example script showing how to let your scripts determine whether OSX is in Dark Mode so you can adjust appearance. Must restart Bitbar after changing setting.

Refresh Me

How to refresh just one plugin, or restart BitBar entirely.

Show ANSI colors

Example of how to use ANSI color codes

Show emoji

Example of how to use emojis

Show templateImages and images

Example of how to use the templateImage and image parameter


Example of how to include multiple levels of menu items in v1.8 and later.