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Display live and upcoming Hololive streams in your menu bar!

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Product Hunt - Today in Tech

Today's featured tech hunts on Product Hunt

ProductHunt Posts Votes Count

—ProductHunt Posts Votes count and Emoji notification 🔔 on change in votes count producthunt-posts-votes.1h.js

Twitch Following

Shows which channels you follow are live, what they're playing, for how long etc. Lets you watch them with streamlink and open the chat in your browser. Based on the play-with-livestreamer bitbar plugin. Requires a Twitch account.

Twitch Livestreamer

list top 10 twitch streams for provided GAME, defaults to Dota 2


Displays Reddit for Mac

Reddit Notifications

Check your Reddit messages in your status bar!

YouTube Ticker

A MacOs Menu Bar (BitBar) plugin that displays your YouTube subscriber count.

Youtube Sub gap

Displays the sub gap between Pewdiepie and T-series. Set your youtube api key in the script. You can also change the channel ids to check on other sub gaps, just make shure the bigger one is first


Displays your active Beeminder goals and their due dates/amounts


Concisely show the status of a Beeminder goal

BitBar Nightscout Plugin

Gets the most recent reading and trend arrow from nightscout




Random CommitStrip comics

Didqus Comments

Show comment count per post and number of commenets that are pending.

Faith in humanity score

—Displays current score from https://faithinhumanityscore.com faith_in_humanity_score.6h.py


Shows open Freshesk tickets count

Github Repo Stars

Github repos stars and Emoji notification 🔔 on change in stars count

Google Apps

This plugin's dropdown menu will open Google Documents, Spreadsheets or Presentations in App-Mode of Chromium or Google Chrome.

Hacker News

View top Hacker News articles in your status bar!


Display live and upcoming Hololive streams in your menu bar!

Hot Search of Weibo

Show the hot search list on China Weibo.(微博热搜)

Is It Up?

A MacOs Menu Bar (BitBar) plugin that allows you to check whether or not a website is currently up (online).

MailChimp Subscribers

Display your MailChimp subscriber count for a given list

Plausible Tracker

See who's on your site at-a-glance.

Pocket Bar

Basic Pocket client.

Service Status

Simple plugin to monitor your services/websites availability

Simple RSS reader

Simple RSS "reader" that will list latest feed items and link to them.

Today's Tweets

Display the tweets you've posted today.

Toggl status

Shows hours completed today, hours completed this week.

UptimeRobot Monitor

Get UptimeRobot statistics for an account.


Displays the number of items and some basic information from WaniKani!

WaniKani Stats

Displays user details & review + lesson tracking for WaniKani.

Whirlpool watched threads checker

—List unread threads from your watch list whirlpool-watched.1m.rb

Wikipedia On This Day

—Display Wikipedia On This Day information. wikipedia_on_this_day.12h.rb


Shows non-solved Zendesk tickets count

chrome tabs counter

Counts the number of open Chrome tabs.

put.io transfers

Shows put.io transfers and lists files/folders


Monitors Facebook DNS and tracks downtime


—Check for new XKCD comic new-xkcd.5m.js


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