Network Sent/Received Totals

Displays total sent and received wifi data for current sesssion.


TRIPPing (TRaceroute-IP-Ping) plugin aims to regularly monitor the path and ping roundtrip, from your network to fixed IPs and determine if they have suddenly been changed. Greetz to Kim DotCom

DNS Switcher

Switch DNS to your defined DNS options.

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Active WIFI Name

—Displays currently connected WIFI Name wifiname.sh

Active WIFI Signal

—Displays currently connected WIFI Signal wifisignal.sh

AnyConnect Umbrella Status

Check and toggle status of Umbrella Roaming Security Module for Cisco AnyConnect.


Monitor Aria2 Tasks


Displays TX and RX bitrate of your main ethernet interface in the status bar and hides other interfaces in the context menu.

Bandwidth (KB/s or MB/s)

Displays bandwidth usage for the primary interface in MegaBytes/s or KiloBytes/s

Bandwidth (Mbit/s)

Displays bandwidth usage for a network interface in Megabits/s

Bandwidth (Mbit/s)

—Displays total bandwidth usage for all interfaces in Megabits/s. Especially useful if you are frequently switching between wi-fi and ethernet connections. bandwidth_all.1s.sh

Bandwidth Total

Displays total TX and RX KBytes/s for all active interfaces. Lua = smaller than .sh.


Displays upload and download speeds

Bandwith test

Bandwith tester, from https://speedtest.net using speedtest-cli

Bandwith test (minified)

Modified mini version of Alexandre Espinosa Menor's Bandwith tester, which uses https://speedtest.net via speedtest-cli

Bluetooth Connection Indicator

Indicate in the menu bar if a bluetooth device is connected.

DNS Switcher

Switch DNS to your defined DNS options.

External IP country flag emoji

—Displays country flag emoji - e.g. for VPN use ip-flag.2m.rb

Got Internet?

Checks the connection to Internet and tells you in a single character.

IP Address Info

Displays your local IP address with useful extra info (some stats/functions are wifi only)

ISC Condition Monitor

—Gets ISC's condition code and displays it isccond.5m.sh

MacOS OpenVPN client & DNS Configuration

OpenVPN GUI & DNS Manager

Microsoft Remote Desktop - Quick Connect

Quick and easy access to Microsoft Remote Desktop from any desktop space. Allows connection opening and switching. Only displays connections with labels assigned.

Mullvad VPN Status

Checks if you are connected via Mullvad VPN.

My External IP

This plugin will show your current external / public IP and allow you to copy the same to clipboard

Network Info

Provides network status information about your Mac: Internal and external IPv4+IPv6 addresses, Whois information and Speedtest.net results.

Network Sent/Received Totals

Displays total sent and received wifi data for current sesssion.

NordVPN Status

Your nordVPN protected status for bit bar


Displays status of a OpenFortiVPN interface with option to connect/disconnect.

PIA VPN Status

Displays PIA VPN connection status

Pi-hole status

Show summary and manage Pi-Hole from menubar.

ProtonVPN Server Monitor

Displays ProtonVPN server load for free and user defined servers

Proxy Status

Displays proxy status and allows toggling it on and off.


—Shows the CPU temperature, RAM and space usage of your SBC. sbcdash-client.1h.py


—Quickly SSH to your favorite hosts listed in your ~/.ssh/config file ssh.sh

SSH Remotes

—Manage your Remote Servers with ease. Choose your preferred Terminal. Open a SSH connection with one click! Just list your remotes in the scripts HOSTARRAY variable :) SSH-Remotes.1d.sh

SSH Status

Continuously checks if hosts are available for ssh connection

SSH Tunnel

Easily start/stop a background SSH forwarding connection.

Show / Edit network location

Displays the currently active network location and adds the ability to change it.


Display a color categorized running average of your pingtime to an endpoint, plus any dropped packets.

Speedwifi-next W06 transfer amount during 1day

show Speedwifi-next w06 transfer amount during 1day for bitbar.


TRIPPing (TRaceroute-IP-Ping) plugin aims to regularly monitor the path and ping roundtrip, from your network to fixed IPs and determine if they have suddenly been changed. Greetz to Kim DotCom

Using free VPN more easily: how to automatically update VPNBOOK password

Automatically update VPNBOOK free password. Go and collect password on the VPNBOOK page, then change it on the network settings panel. The password is managed by the keychain application

VPN Checker

—Checks the availability of tun0 or ipsec0. Also allows to kill a program on deconnection. vpn-check.3s.sh

VPN Country Flag

It shows the country flag corresponding to your IP Address (useful when using VPNs).

VPN Status

Displays status of a VPN interface with option to connect/disconnect.

Viscosity active connection

—Shows the name of the first active connection viscosity-active-connection.1s.sh


Manages a Wireguard VPN connection

ZeroTier Status

View and manage ZeroTier Network connections


—Quickly aria2c aria2.sh


—Sends pings to one or more sites, display connectivity status, record results to file (separated daily) and graph the last X minutes performance via the dropdown with no external dependencies bitping.10s.sh

dnscrypt-proxy switcher

Toggle dnscrypt-proxy usage


—Gets the current external IP address. external-ip.1h.sh

iCloud Private Relay Status

This plugin will indicate whether iCloud Private Relay is active by comparing your WAN IP to Apple's list of iCloud Private Relay egress servers.

iTerm SSH Dropdown Menu

Provides a simple menu of ssh hosts when clicked on opens a new ssh session in terminal


—Gets the current internal IP address, and shows more information in the details. internal-ip.1h.sh


Sends pings to a range of sites to determine network latency

pivpn information

Clients and status from pivpn machine, actually only wireguard. You need to instal api.php into your pivpn machine (see doc)


Show the SSID of your current Wi-Fi connection. The SSID is green if the network is secure and red if it is an open network.

uRadMonitor view

Extract radiation value from uRadMonitor and show it.


—Sends 'magic packets' to turn on a computer. wakeonlan.sh


—Gets the status of your website website-status.sh


Toggle Wifi on/off when lid gets opened/closed and force sleeping when lid gets closed.