Shows the time since your mac last woke up in hours:minutes

Countdown Timer 2

Simple countdown timer.


Shows a calendar of the current, previous and next year

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AI deadlines counter

Count the days to the submission deadlines of AI conferences.

Age Ticker

Displays your age ticking in years with decimals. Set your birthday in the script.

Alarm Clock

Alarm Clock is a plugin for BitBar that notifies/make a sound at a specific time.

Apparent Solar Time

Displays the apparent solar time. Specify your longitude in the script.

Beats Time

Displays Swatch .beats time.

Clock with calendar

A clock with a simple calendar


Shows countdown of established date.

Countdown Timer

Simple countdown timer. Set the time by calling the script from terminal.

Countdown Timer 2

Simple countdown timer.

Date Picker

Display todays date in various forms including iso8601 and copies to the clipboard.

Discordian Date

Shows the current date of the Discordian calendar

Fuzzy Clock

—Display the current system time in a 'fuzzy' manner, rounding to the nearest 5 minutes and using words. fuzzyclock.1s.py

Google Calendar

Shows upcoming events from your Google Calendar - Be sure to read the installation instructions here: https://github.com/kodie/bitbar-googlecal

It's time to

Shows emoji means that it's time to do something.


—Progress Bar of Day, Week, Month, Year, and Life. lapse.30m.sh

Persian Date

—Shows Persian date persiandate.1m.sh

Pomodoro Timer

Timer that uses Pomodoro timeboxing

Pomodoro Timer

Pomodoro Timer that uses Pomodoro Techniqueâ„¢

Prayer Time

—Imsak ve aksam ezani saatlerine ne kadar kaldigini takip edin ! prayer-time.1m.py

Process Bar of Year

Process Bar of Year: Dividing the year into 100 pieces. More info: https://github.com/cnfn/BitBarPlugins/tree/master/ProcessBarOfYear

Progress Bar of Year, Month and Day

Progress Bar of Year, Month and Day: See the big picture.

Progress Bar to Beat Procrastination!

Progress Bar of Year, Month, and (Work) Day, the latter of which helps you keep track of your time as a resource and beat procrastination!

Shift Stats

Shows the remaining time of today's work shift as well as the time of arrival and when its time to leave

Spent time displayer

—Display the time of the year already gone as percentage spent_time.1s.py


Simple stopwatch for BitBar.


Displays sunrise, sunset, and day length for a location.

Switch Timezones

Allows to switch timezone for current time shown in the Bar.


—Show the current time of a different timezone. timezone.5s.sh


Rotates current time through four common timezones

Unix Time

Displays unix time.


Shows the time since your mac last woke up in hours:minutes

Watson Status

Shows Watson's status

Week Number

This plugin will show the current week number.

Worktime Tracker

—A simple worktime tracker with record history. worktime-tracker.1s.rb

World Clock

Display current UTC time in the menu bar, with various timezones in the drop-down menu


Shows a calendar of the current, previous and next year