Catchpoint Alerts

Display Catchpoint Alerts via the Pull API.


Monitor, attach, and power detach from GNU Screen sessions.

Password Generator

Generates human-friendly strong passwords.

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BitBar PagerDuty Slack

Add Note

Add a note to Apple Notes app.

Catchpoint Alerts

Display Catchpoint Alerts via the Pull API.


Automounter for GoCryptFS

Desktop cleaner

—Move desktop files to backup dir desktop_cleaner.rb

JSON Utils

Validate, format and compact JSON entity from clipboard and then write to clipboard. More info: https://github.com/cnfn/BitBarPlugins/tree/master/JsonUtils

Keybase Encrypt/Decrypt

—A helper for keybase encryption and decryption. Simply copy content you want to decrypt/encrypt and click action, the result will be copied into your clipboard. keybase-encrypt.10m.rb


3dprinter control with octoprint api

Password Generator

Generates human-friendly strong passwords.

Plugin aggregator

Group your xbar plugin in a single menu in the menubar. Put the aggregator script in your plugins directory, then create an aggregator folder in the plugins directory and put the plugin your want to group in that aggregator folder. Please note that the whole plugin will be refresh based on aggregator refresh time. You will also not be able to customise plugins variable via xbar GUI. You may want to manually edit the scripts. You can do nested stuff by adding an aggregator script and folder inside the aggregator folder and so on.

RSync Backup Bitbar Plugin

—Schedule and monitor rsync backups via BitBar rsyncbackup.js


Monitor, attach, and power detach from GNU Screen sessions.

Sensibo QuickControl

Provides Sensibo pods (sky v2) status (temperature, humidity, swing and fan) in your menubar allowing you to quickly turn/schedule them on or off


Show a StatusPage.io's Status in BitBar

Todo List for menu bar

Display a todo list in the menu bar with items taken from the macos' Reminders.app from the list called 'Today'. Click the item to complete the reminder and display the next one.


—Todo.txt intergration with mac gui, click to do a item todotxt.15s.sh

Wallpaper refresh

—A new HD wallpaper every hour. wallpaper_refresh.1h.sh

chunkwm/skhd helper

—Plugin that displays desktop id and desktop mode of chunkwm. chunkwm_skhd.1s.sh

yabai/skhd helper

—Plugin that displays desktop id and desktop mode of yabai. yabai_skhd.1s.sh


Shows current pagerduty alert status.

PagerDuty Incidents

Shows all the active incidents grouped by Service. For installation instructions check https://github.com/PedroFuentes/bitbar-plugins/blob/master/pagerDutyIncidents/README.md

PagerDuty On-Call

Shows who is on call for all the active Escalation Policies and what services have active incidents. For installation instructions check https://github.com/PedroFuentes/bitbar-plugins/blob/master/pagerDutyOnCall/README.md

Slack Multi-Teams Overview

Provides an overview of unread channels, unread messages and channel histories.

Slack Notification

Displays number of unread Slack messages

Slack Stuatus

—Change your status on Slack from the menubar. slack-status.sh

Slack Team Notifications

Show notifications for Slack teams and channels with option to mark as read. See https://github.com/benjifs/bitbar-slack-team-notifications for configuration instructions.

BitBar Plugins Installer

Quickly install bitbar plugins.

BitBar Version

Checks the current BitBar version against the latest from GitHub