March 2021

Upgrade legacy BitBar plugins

xbar (the BitBar reboot) has shipped, and you might want to upgrade your BitBar plugin.

Your plugin will run in xbar without any changes. However, there are a few tweaks you should make and one or two shiny new features to look at.

What’s new/changed in xbar?

  1. Unlock new features by upgrading your metadata - change <bitbar.*> tags to <xbar.*>
  2. Use the shell parameter instead of bash
  3. There is now no limit to the number of paramN parameters you can use
  4. Use variables (new feature) instead of asking users to edit your scripts
  5. Add keyboard shortcuts (new feature) to make your plugins even easier to use

Variables for configuration

Variables are defined in your plugin’s metadata. The xbar UI lets users configure the values without editing your script.

Keyboard shortcuts

xbar lets you specify keyboard shortcuts for your menu items.

Use the key parameter:

Let's go | key=shift+g | href=

You can specify a range of modifiers and special keys, for a full list check out the Parameters documentation.

Please try xbar, and report any issues

xbar is still brand new, so please help us reach a full release by reporting any issues you find.

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